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>>Technique Guide
 >Hiten Mitsorugi Ryu
 >Saiki Kanuma
 >Homura Dama
 >Kodachi Nitou Ryu
 >Futae no Kiwami
 >Shin no Ippu

>>Battle Guide
 >Tokyo Arc
 >Kyoto Arc
 >The Motion Picture

>>Image Gallery
 >Himura Kenshin
 >Shinomri Aoshi
 >Hajime Saito
 >Sagara Sanosuke
 >Makoto Shishio


>>Free Graphics

Who is the strongest character in the RK series/manga?

Himura Kenshin
Hajime Saitou
Sagara Sanosuke
Shinomori Aoshi
Makoto Shishio
Seta Soujiro
Seijuro Hiko
Udou Jinei
Yukishiro Enishi

Current Results

Date: 3/12/06
Subject: FINALLY.
Wow........its been about 3 years since i last worked on this piece. I basically forget everything about maintaining this site. Unfortunately i have a shitload of info and pics to add to the section but i cant put them up because i forget. I also have an amazing layout i have ready to install but im not going to. I would have thought this site would be dead by now but i guess its still running on. Anyways it was fun, me if you need anything at all.

Date: 11/18/03
I am working on the new version of the site, Spirit of the Samurai!!!! I have also added a new splash to this site. You can click here to see the new splash.

Date: 10/21/03
Subject: New Poll.
I put up a weekly poll which i'll probably only change every month or so. Remember to vote for it!

Date: 10/18/03
Subject: More and more battles.
I have 2 more battles up in the tokyo battle guide. I originally made this site for the technique guide, but now people are starting to come here for the battle guide. I personally think I have the best battle guide pictures on the web. The new battles I posted in the tokyo arc are Jinei vs kenshin, and Hyottoko and beshimi vs the kamiya dojo.

Date: 10/16/03
Subject: The last of the techniques.
The last of the technique guide is finally up which would be the kempo section. I will still have to add Hannya and Aoshi in their but not until late october. This will should hold you guys until the jinei battle and the first oniwaban are up in the next 2 days!

Date: 10/11/03
Subject: More of the good stuff.
I am working on the battle guide for jinei and the first oniwaban battles aswell. Each of the battles will be posted under the tokyo arc battle guide in about 3 or 4 days. I also fixed this page up a little.

Date: 10/9/03
Subject: Some little stuff
I can't stress enough how much this site will go down if you do not stop stealing my files! Please stop! If you want them I will personally send them to you. I added some new little things here and there. I also fixed the rest ofd the layout so everything fits the scheme now.

Date: 10/3/03
Subject: Got a layout now!
I finished off the zanza vs kenshin battle guide. Thats probably the best one so far. I also got up the new layout. Please email me, i need affiliates. You fuckers are also fucking my site up by hotlinking my fucking files. I work hard and pay money to keep this site with good pictures and info. Stop being lazy and write your own shit!

Date: 9/28/03
Subject: damn, that took pretty long.
Its all ready been 4 days since my last update. I finally got up the first battle of the tokyo arc. My favorite battle, Zanza vs Kenshin. I am only going to put up the sanosuke battle, the jinei battle, the oniwaban battles, and the saito battle. The rest of the battles are stupid and boring. I'll think about posting up the raijuta battle, but not until after everything else in that section is done. I have finished the new layout and I am in the process of uploading the files and deleting the old files. It will be up by the end of october. Its gonna be of the hizzle fo shizzle. Its greenish colored and features sanosuke on the banner!

Date: 9/24/03
Subject: Holy shit its been a loooooooooong time.
Wow, I haven't updated this site in awhile but now I'm back on it. I am currently making the sanosuke vs kenshin battle guide now. I am alos working on a new layout so just keep checking back. I am getting problems with the bandwidth because you fucks keep stealing my tech. guide pics.

Date: 5/20/03
Subject: Its about Time.
The kenshingumi and oniwabanshuu characters porofiles are up. Its about time I started those. More to come.

Date: 5/18/03
Subject: I'm sick of this!
I posted 3 wallpapers, 1 of Aoshi, Saitou and Sanosuke. There should be 3 more for tomorrow of kenshin, kaoru and soujiro. I also added some extra stuff here and there. I also heard there will be premering the KYOTO ARC on toonami starting june 9th.

Date: 5/17/03
Subject: A lot more junk.
I put up the free graphics junk under webmaster if yu need any of that stuff. Thats basically it for now. Ciao.

Date: 5/16/03
Subject: A whole lotta nothing.
I put up a new page dealing with swords and weapons. I listed 4 swords so far with pictures and descriptions, but I am nowhere near done it. You should check it out and email me something.

Date: 5/15/03
Subject: Half way there.
I put up the Moion Picture battle guide and some newtechnique titles :) I am just about halfway to finishing the site. Thats some good news. After I finish things off, i'll try to find ome affiliates then work on a new layout.

Date: 5/10/03
Subject: A whole lotta stuff
The Soujiro battle guide is up in the kyoto arc battle guide section, you should take a look at it. I also put up the tenken/shukuchi technique guide too. The technique guide is almost done. Email me any questions or if you want to affiliate with this shit site

Date: 5/9/03
Subject: F*ckin Shishio battle bitch
The shishio battle guide is up in the kyoto arc battle guide section if you want to check that out. It covers everything from beginning to end and has 25 pictues with descriptions, so email me how you like it. I tried to write the descriptons with some emotions to make it sound better. unil next f*ckin time.

Date: 5/7/03
Subject: Affiliate with me!
I need some damn affiliates or my site will go down hill. If you want to affiliate with me I have no requiremens. Just email me your button and site here. Please think about it and email me. I am in need of your help.

Date: 5/6/03
Subject: Nifty stuff added.
I added a few new updates the site. I pu up the affiliate box and a new updates title. I startedthe kyoto arc battle guides as well. It should probably be done by friday. After that I'll work on the movie battle guides. mail me youropinions about the site. peace.

Date: 5/3/03
Subject: What the hell?
I put up all the techniques besdies Shukuchi and Kempo Ill probably have the motion picture battle uide up today too. I think this site will be done in about 1 month or so. I think thats record time.

Date: 5/2/03
Subject: New pages man.
I put up the links onthe sidebar. All of them are dead except the technique guide. You should check them out, it took me a while. There is no technique guide on the web with thatgood of screenshots ill bet you. Well thats pretty much al the shit for today. Ill se you later, that I will.

Date: 5/1/03
Subject: The new site.
I put the layout up finally. It was a coincidence that I finished it on may 1st. Tomorrow I will put up the technique guides. That will probably take me untill next week. Then I'll start on the Batle Guide. Hell yeah! email me here about the layout, your opinions are wanted. Later.