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>>Technique Guide
 >Hiten Mitsorugi Ryu
 >Saiki Kanuma
 >Homura Dama
 >Kodachi Nitou Ryu
 >Futae no Kiwami
 >Shin no Ippu

>>Battle Guide
 >Tokyo Arc
 >Kyoto Arc
 >The Motion Picture

>>Image Gallery
 >Himura Kenshin
 >Shinomri Aoshi
 >Hajime Saito
 >Sagara Sanosuke
 >Makoto Shishio


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Name: Shinomori Aoshi
Alias: Leader
Age: 26
Occupation: Leader of Oniwaban group
Fighting Style: Kodachi Nitou Ryu/Kempo
Aoshi is a dark figure who never smiles and always wears black. He is a genius and is very strong, his obsession for being known as the best sometimes leads him to evil. Aoshi became leader of the oniwaban at age 15 and protected Edo castl durig the revolution so no one really saw how strong they were. Now the only reason they fight is to show the world what they didn't back then.

Name: Makamichi Miso
Alias: Weasel Girl
Age: 16
Occupation: Oniwaban Ninja
Fighting Style: Kempo
Misao looks up to Aoshi the most. She loves him and only trusts him to answer her questions and dry her tears. She was very small when they left so now she travels japan looking for them. Okina takes care of her and she looks up to him as a grandfather.

Name: Nenji
Alias: Okina/Gramps
Age: over 60
Occupation: Oniwaban Ninja/Elder
Fighting Style: Kempo with Tonfas
Okina is very old and wise. He was the only one who could go head to head with the former leader n not be defeated. He uses steel tonfas to fight. Okina controls the Aoiya in Kyoto, and he has a long history with the oniwabanshuu.