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Gatotsu Ishiki - "Fang Point 1st Stance"
This is the most powerful thrust in the series. It is a left handed technique. You positon the hilt in you left hand and the tip of the blade in the right. Then you leap forward and stab the blade into the opponent. If the thrust is evaded, you can immediately turn the attack into a side-slashing attack.


Gatotsu Nishiki - "Fang Point 2nd Stance"
Thi is similar to the first stance, except the sword is held higher. Instead of jumping forward, you jump into the air and thrust diagonally downward at the opponent.

Gatotsu Sanshiki - "Fang Point 3rd Stance"
This form thrusts into the air using a jump. The opponent must be airborne. It is mostly used to counter an aerial attack.


Gatotsu Zeroshiki - "Fang Point Zero Stance"
This is the most powerful form of Gatotsu. Unlike all thrusts, the legs are not used. It is at such close a range there is no time for movement, so instead, its thrusted from the muscles in the upper body.