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 >Kodachi Nitou Ryu
 >Futae no Kiwami
 >Shin no Ippu

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>>Free Graphics

Amakakeru Ryu no Hirameki - "Heaven Flight Dragons Inspiration"
This attack is the strongest of the Hiten Mitsorugi Ryu. It is a Battou Jutsu in which you step orward with your left foot instead of the right. It is so fast, that it is started afte the opponent makes his move, but hit before they do.

Ku Zu Ryu Sen - "9 Head Dragon Flash"
This is an attack that hits all nine vital parts of the body at the same time. Everyone knows tht its impossible to hit thm all at the same time, it just seems that way because of the Hiten Mtsorugis God-like peed.

Seijuro Hiko is the best at the Kuzu Ry Sen. His Kuzu Ryu Sen is more powerful than Kenshin's because he has more weight and strength. Kenshins will never compare to his in a millon years.

Ryu Tsui Sen - "Dragon Hammer Flash"
This starts by leaping very high into the air, about 30 feet or so. Then you slam down on the shoulder of the opponent while your coming down, using the power of gravity. You kmust be able to land correctly.

Ryu Shou Sen - "Dragon Flight Flash"
This is when you use the power of your jump to attack the opponent sending them up into the air. You use your fist under the blade to increase the power of the attack.

Do Ryu Sen - "Earth Dragon Flash"
This is when you slam your sword hard against the ground sending a wave of ground debree at the opponent smashing them from all directions. It can totaly wipe out an area in just one stroke.

Ryu Son Sen - "Dragon Nest Flash"
This is a multiple attack of slashes and thrusts to the neck, body and head. It is used fo people with high stamina to overwhelm them. It may leave nearl over hundreds of bruises and cuts.

Ryu Kan Sen - "Dragon Wrap Sword"
There are several variatins of the Ryu Kan Sen. The normal is when you spin around 360 degrees ad hit the opponent in the neck. You can also use his to counter an attck by using the spin to get aroundthe back of your opponent nd atack them.

Ryu Kan Sen Kogarashi - "Dragon Wrap Sword Spiral"
This form of Ryu Kan Sen is similar to the normal one except you duck down low to the ground an attack upward on the opponent.

Ryu Kan Sen Arashi - "Dragon Wrap Sword Storm"
This form is when you flip forward multiple times to gain more speed and power, then you attack th persons shoulder or neck.

Ry Kan Sen Tsumoji - "Dragon Wrap Sword Winter Wind"
The is the most powerful form of Ryu Kan Sen. You leap toard the opponent as if you are flying, and you spin around 360 degrees while horizontal in the air like a football. Then when you are next to the opponent, you attack them.


Sou Ryu Sen - "Double Dragon Flash"
This is a double battou jutsu ivolving the sword and sheath. Battou jutsu are all one shot attacks, because after you swipe the sword, you are completely offguard. The Sou ryu sen starts with a battou jutsu. Then anoter battou jutsu is performed with the sheath so you can't be caught offguard.