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>>Technique Guide
 >Hiten Mitsorugi Ryu
 >Saiki Kanuma
 >Homura Dama
 >Kodachi Nitou Ryu
 >Futae no Kiwami
 >Shin no Ippu

>>Battle Guide
 >Tokyo Arc
 >Kyoto Arc
 >The Motion Picture

>>Image Gallery
 >Himura Kenshin
 >Shinomri Aoshi
 >Hajime Saito
 >Sagara Sanosuke
 >Makoto Shishio


>>Free Graphics

Ryu Sui no Ugoki - "Running Water Movements"
These are very slow, flowing movements used to confuse the opponents into where to attack. You move around and make multiple images of yourself becasue of the flow-like moving. While moving you are in a defensive stance, and you switch to offensive when you attack. You attack fast unlike the movements to confuse the opponent aswell.

Goho Juuji - "Give Vast Cross"
This is a double kodachi attack in which the two kodachis are crossed together making an "X" shape. You attack the neck of the opponent by slashing them together like a pair of shears. This attack is always fatal if it connects.

Kaiten Kenbu rokuren - "Spin Heaven Sword Dance six series"
This is the best attack that the Oniwabanshuu has to offer. It starts by holding the swords backwards, this allows more power. Then you attack with six super-sonic strikes to the neck and body of the opponent. The first move can from the left or right.