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>>Technique Guide
 >Hiten Mitsorugi Ryu
 >Saiki Kanuma
 >Homura Dama
 >Kodachi Nitou Ryu
 >Futae no Kiwami
 >Shin no Ippu

>>Battle Guide
 >Tokyo Arc
 >Kyoto Arc
 >The Motion Picture

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 >Himura Kenshin
 >Shinomri Aoshi
 >Hajime Saito
 >Sagara Sanosuke
 >Makoto Shishio


>>Free Graphics

- "Erasing Sun Slash"
Saiki Kanuma uses an iron sheath in most of its attacks. This attack is a double circular attack. It starts with a sheath attack, then a single handed thrust. It can come from the left, right, above, or below(straight on).

- "Eraing Flame Slash"
This is also referred to as the Fire Flame Slash. It drags the iron sheath in front of them to create alot of sparks, the turn into flames. Then you thrust through the flames and catch the opponent off-guard.

- "Double Head Slash"
This attack uses the katana and the wakizashi. You leap in the air toward the opponent, and you cross the two swords. You attack the opponent in the head by slashing the two swords at the same time.