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>>Zanza - fighter for hire(Sanosuke Sagara) Vs Kenshin Himura

Zanza shows up at the dojo and him and kenshin walk down towards the other side of the river. Zanza unravels his gigantic sword called the zanbattou. Its a nice sunny day, perfect for a good fight.
Zanza knows kenshins already seen the power of the zanbattou in their encounter last night. He asks kenshin to give up his no-killing ideals. Kenshin reveals the reverse-blade sword which he will fight him with.
Zanza grips the heavy zanbattou and starts too charge at kenshin running full speed. Although its heavy, he can still move fast. He has good control over the zanbattou.
He swings it downward and slams it at kenshin with extreme force. Its weight plus the force of gravity, and his strength all equal into one power full attack.
The zanbattou slices the ground into to big sections. It slammed down so hard with the ground that it made a small tremor, but this also reveals that he completely missed kenshin.
Kenshin leaped into the air a moment before he swung it. Kenshin lands on the ground and slams his sword into zanza's left ribs. He collapses on the ground.
Zanza gets back up like the attack didn't even phase him. He is able to absorb incredible impacts and get right back on his feet. He says that the winner of this fight will be the last one standing.
Zanza declares round 2 of their battle. he runs toward kenshin and leap high into the air and smashes the zanbattou downward even harder this time.
Kenshin easily dodges it by leaping into the air. Zanza sees his maneuver like he did before, so he retaliates and goes for a side sweeping attack to catch kenshin off guard.
He announces that victory will be his in a matter of moments as he swings the zanbattou with great force. But to no prevail, he has missed kenshin again! Kenshins no where in sight this time.
Zanza doesn't see him anywhere as he looks shocked. Kenshin tells him to look behind him. Zanza notices that kenshin is on top of the zanbattou!
Kenshin runs down the zanbattou and leaps into the air off of zanza's head. Zanza is pissed now, he swings his zanbattou even harder this time.
Kenshin avoided this attack by ducking underneith. He has evaded the zanbattou once more. He notices that you can only attack downward or to the side with the zanbattou, so its easy to predict.
Kenshin sees that one blow won't work against Zanza. He uses the Hiten Mitsorugi Style's Ryu Son Sen. Zanza slams onto the ground once again. He refuses to fall against an imperialist.
Gohei Hiroma, who originally paid zanza to kill kenshin, tries to shoot kenshin with a pistol. The bullet flies at kenshin, but it barely ricochets of his sword.
It shatters a piece of the hilt on kenshins sword. gohei immediately graps miss kaoru and yahiko and threatens to rip their throats out.
He prepares to shoot kenshin again until Zanza smashes gohei's legs with the zanbattou. Zanza reminds gohei that this is now his fight. he stands up and faces kenshin once more.
Kenshin finishes off gohei by using the Do Ryu Sen. Now that gohei is gone, kenshin and zanza can finish their fight.
Zanza swings at kenshin and kenshin jumps back. Zanza begins twirling the zanbattou up in the air like a hellicopter. It blows gusts of wind all around. He spins it faster and faster, then he starts to run at kenshin still twirling it.
Kenshin flips the reverse-blade sword. Zanza jumps into the air and declares that he will not defeat the strongest of the imperialists! Such poor spirited strength will not defeat kensuin.
Kenshins leaps into the air toward zanza. Zanza slashes downward, but kenshin miraculously cust the zanbattou in half with the blade of his sword. Zanza is shocked by kenshins swordsmanship.
Kenshin performs the Ryu Tsui Sen while in the air on Zanza's shoulder. He slams down very hard to finish him off once and for all to end this fight.
Zanza still stands even after being hit with the ryu tsui sen. This is the first time kenshin has ever seen this before. Zanza tells himself that he will not lose to a dirty imperialist.
Kaoru and Yahiko explain that kenshin is a different kind of imperialist who wishes to finish the revolution and fight so the weak can live in peace. These is the same things Zanza's leader used to say. Zanza finally accepts defeat and collapses.

>>Udou Jinei - Kurogasa Vs Kenshin Himura

Jinei has captures kaoru and kenshin shows up to get her back. Kenshin has returned to his former self, battousai the manslayer. Jinei gets excited and the start the deathmatch.
Both kenshin and jinei are skilled swordsman so neither can really get a hit in. Their swords clash back and forth.
Jinei loves nothing more than the feeling of slaying a man. The deathmatch with the battousai is the only thing he wants at this point in his life. He can't get enough of this fight.
Kenshin and Jinei circle back and forth around eachother looking for a spot to strike. Jinei tries to use the Shin No Ippu on kenshin once again to freeze him with fear.
Kenshin repels the effect with his swordsman spirit. This technique can not effect kenshin because he has a very strong spirit.
Jinei tries a combo of 3 attacks. He begins with a right handed thrust at kenshin. Kenshin can se this manuever and can effectively counter it.
Jinei misses the thrust. He immediately performs a form 1 side slash at kenshins ribs, but kenshin sees it and dodges it. Jinei then tries to get kenshin with a straight slash down.
Kenshin uses the bottom of the hilt(handle) if his sword to block jinei's attack throwing him off balance. Kenshin goes for an open attack at jinei.
Jinei has been in many different battle situations before, and he is very experienced. He puts the sword around the top of his back while he loses his balance from kenshins counter.
He switches from holding the sword with his rigth to his left around his back in the same motion so the swords now in his left hand..
He catches his balance then immediately counterattacks with a left handed thrust to kenshins waste and pierces his flesh.
Kenshin falls down and Jinei gets pissed off, then hysteric. He is pissed at kenshin's skills.
Jinei decides that he will cast the strongest version of the shin no ippu on kaoru. Her lungs freeze and she will die in 5 minutes unless she can break free or unless kenshin kills jinei.
kenshins gets very angry and smashes jinei in the face with his sword in the blink of an eye. Jinei gets very happy at kenshin.
Jinei is happy because he knows the real battousai has come out. He knows because he couldn't even see kenshin move when he got hit. He cracks his nose back.
Jinei knows what he must do to win. he casts the Hyouki spell on himself to maximize his full potential. He is not the strongest ever.
He smashes a rock to peices with the back of his sword to show off his srength. Kenshin sheaths his sowrd and takes the stance for battou-jutsu.
Jinei knows that the battou-jutsu of kenshin will finish him. He knows that he has to dodge it because its only a one shot attack. If he dodges it he will win.
Jinei charges and kenshin takes a swipe, but Jinei dodges it! Jinei announces that he;s won, but then his elbow gets slammed to pieces by kenshins sheath.
The Hiten Mitsorugi style, Ryu Sou Sen. Battou-jutsu attacks are all one shot, but the hiten mitsorugi has a double battou jutsu, with the sword and sheath, so you are never off guard.
Kenshin prepares to kill jinei but kaoru breaks free of the spell. Jinei decides to kill himself because there is no point to live for him if he has no sword arm. he draws his small dagger.
Jinei thrusts it into his heart and falls on his knees. He mentions that this is a wonderful feeling, death. He tells kenshin before he dies that once you are a manslayer, you are always a manslayer. A manslayer until the day you die.

>>Oniwaban Group - Hyottoko and Beshimi Vs Kenshin Himura and Sanosuke Sagara

Hyottoko smahses into the dojo requesting megumi takani. Sanosuke tells kenshin to let him handle this one. He charges and punches hyottoko in the stomache.
Hyottoko tries to punch Sano, but he dodges it easily. He tells Hyottoko that his size means nothing in this fight, and that he won't back down.
Hyottoko sparks his teeth and Spits out a blast of fire at Sano from his mouth. He calls his technique Fire Breath. Sano takes cover.
Sano's shirt and jacket have been completely burned away. He still wants to fight this guy though. He is burned a little on his chest.
kenshin steps in and Hyottoko spits fire breath at kenshin this time. He unloads tons of fire at kenshin..
Kenshin spins his sword like a fan and repels the fire away from him. Hyottoko just keeps spitting out more and more. Kenshin blows all the fire away.
Sano steps back in and charges for another punch at Hyottoko. Hyottoko spits a huge amount of fire breath at sanosuke this time. Sano charges right into the fire.
Sano goes and jumps right up the fire and through it blocking his face with his arms..
He flies through the flames getting closer to htyotokko's face. He finally reaches hyottoko's face and smashes his fist right into his mouth..
Sano's fist slams into hyottoko's throat. Sano pulls out a huge sack of oil from hyottoko's throat. Hyottoko punches him in the face really hard.
Sano flies back and slams onto the ground but he shakes it off like nothing and gets back up on his feet. Hyottoko says he has more oil now and that he's gonna burn him.
Sano Jumps up and kicks hyottoko right in the middle of his face knocking him on the ground unconcious. Sano repeats to kenshin that he knew he would win.
Beshimi was watching from a tree the whole time. He doesn't want to fail like last time so he shoots a poison dart at megumi. It hits yahiko instead. Kenshin goes to slash him, but Hannya saves him in time..
Hannya carries Beshimi and Hyottoko back over the rooftops.